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Most women have their traditional lingerie staples covered. Black, white, and skin-toned bras and underwear are staples, but it’s okay to venture into color and add some fun to your underwear drawer. Underwear is a personal expression of who you are - why not shop for colorful everyday bras and panties and add a little joy to your day!


Colorful Lingerie is More than Just Fun

 A colorful bra is suitable for everyday wear and special occasions. From strapless styles, sports bras, plunging lingerie, and t-shirt bras, UCA Lingerie delivers color in a wide range of styles to suit your needs.

Want to know a little-known style rule? Every lingerie wardrobe should contain at least two colorful bras.

Here's why:

Stay On-Trend

A few colorful bras in your collection help you stay on trend. Trying out new bra colors can give old outfits new life. From pretty pastels to bold neon, color enhances the drama. If you're a fan of subtle, try out trendy bra details like lace or straps. With UCA Lingerie, you won't have to buy new bras every month. Our lingerie is built to last, so you can keep your playful selections for life.

 When lower cuts, crop tops, and sheer fabrics trend, your bra, and panties help your clothes make a statement. A little pink lace popping out of your neckline or a bright color underneath a sheer panel adds unique detail to the perfect outfit. You can even try a stylish longline bra underneath outerwear for a more daring look.


Feel More Sultry

 Choosing unique bra colors can also set the mood. Do bold colors make you feel more confident? Do passionate colors help you feel sensual?

Bras and panties in colors that boost your mood are a great way to indulge in some self-pampering. Having a variety of color options keeps it interesting. Whether it’s just for you or a fun surprise that you’ll share with your partner, choosing pieces that make you feel sexy, in whatever way that’s most natural for you, is a surefire way to amp up the romance.


Get Practical

 Color can be practical as well. Believe it or not, red bras can disappear even better than nude underneath beige, brown, or white tees. That's why a red bra is a perfect way to feel sexy while wearing your favorite basics.


Set a Vibe

Have you ever considered why the color red is in every shop on Valentine’s Day? Or why browns and olives evoke images of nature? Humans always relate color to concepts, and your clothing is not exempt from that.

Certain colors can even evoke feelings and emotions. Whether you’re getting ready for a night out or adding a pop of color to the clothing you wear every day, picking the perfect colored bra sets the tone of your outfit or even your day. These smaller details make big statements.

With so many colors and so many styles, where do you even start? Let’s walk through some of the unique pieces in our range of colorful bras, panties, and nightdresses and learn more about how color can help you slip into something a little sexier.


Our Styles in Full Color



The Natalie collection's bold orange looks like bright citrus, warm sunshine, and a vibrant summer party. The color orange is all about risk-taking, vibrancy, and positivity. It is also related to the sacral chakra—the home of creativity, sensuality, and happiness.

Her orange color isn’t the only way Natalie encourages sensuality and a daring attitude. Her plunge neckline helps amp up that sensual sexiness from the sacral chakra and combines it with a positive and content attitude.  Trying out Natalie’s spicy mesh straps is also a creative way to spice up your style. The lightweight support and comfy fabrication give you all the freedom you need to take on an exciting day.



Pearl's soft blue color is a cloudless spring sky and a peaceful field of blue bonnets. Often, healthcare offices or bedrooms are painted blue to give them a calm, soothing vibe. Our Pearl bralette and panty do the same thing for your lingerie drawer.

Pearl is all about comfort meeting style. This bra is wireless and has padded cups for added support, making her just as comfy as your favorite sports bras and ideal for spicing up your leisurewear while reading a book. She’ll even add a little extra beauty to casual outfits.



The pale pink color of our Madison collection is the color of cotton candy, carnations, and rosy lips. Pink’s youthful, romantic, and playful vibe gives Madison her unique beauty. The bra and panty deliver body-hugging style and feel-good support

 The sheer lace is romantic and sexy, while the geometric pattern keeps her fun and youthful. The bra has a front closure and sheer cups, adding to her breezy, romantic style. Pair her with the panties for a cute, playful match for any occasion.



The Samantha bra and panty's color is the bold turquoise blue of days on the pier, the vast ocean, and a bright summer sky. This brighter blue is all about positive mental energy and uniqueness. With a design as fresh as a beachside breeze, our Samantha bra is perfect for bringing the party to your lingerie drawer in a fun style you won’t find everywhere.

 The bra’s contrasting elastic straps add a unique and trendy touch that screams fun. The underwire adds support to keep you feeling comfortable through barbeques and bonfires. She also features love printed on the band for a positive vibe to boost your mood and prepare you for all the fun stuff life brings your way.


While colors have traditional meanings, the color you select for your lingerie should celebrate you. Since 1999, UCA Lingerie has been helping women discover unique and comfortable styles that make them feel confident and sexy. Designed by women, our team is committed to creating the perfect style for everybody in a sustainable, environmentally-friendly way. Our GRS Certification guarantees that your lingerie remains eco-conscious and high-quality every step of the way, so your pieces last for years.

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August 01, 2022 — UCA Lingerie