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With the world becoming more virtual each year, fashion is digitizing. Luxury brands are starting to offer virtual boutiques, detailed 3D renderings, and integrated shopping experiences that allow buyers to truly experience a product before adding it to their cart. Lingerie was one area left unexplored until early 2024, when UCA Lingerie became the first lingerie company to offer 3D try-ons.

With stunning new features and a whole lot of style, UCA’s virtual shopping experiences bring the experience of shopping at a luxury boutique to your devices. As a 100% online brand, we’re embracing advancements in technology and creating new features that take the feeling of high-end retail and present it to you while you shop our affordable, quality collection. With new features and even more to come, UCA is ready to change the way you shop for lingerie.


The Virtual Showroom

Our new virtual showroom is a revamped way to shop our styles. Currently showcasing our spring collection, the showroom is fully stocked with new designs and classic favorites. Its intuitive design allows you to explore each piece as though you were exploring the racks at your favorite luxury retailer.

Drag and zoom to explore the 360° space. When you’re ready to learn more about a piece that catches your eye, click the shopping cart icon next to it and read all the details. It’s just like picking up an item to check out the details in-store! Shop our virtual showroom today to explore how your favorite styles look in our digital space.

3D Product Views

At UCA, we’re even bringing 3D technology to our individual styles. Our newest pieces (as well as some of our favorite bustiers, bodysuits, and bralettes) feature product descriptions with three-dimensional modeling so you can see every gorgeous detail as you shop. Rotate and zoom each piece to get a feel for the fabric and structure, inside and out.

Explore Sharon’s delicate lace and rhinestone cups while getting a feel for the built-in smoothing support. You can also experience the sensual strap details in our new Rihanna and Lyra sets. Seeing the sexy details and quality construction helps give you a better idea of what these pieces will look like on your body. With 3D renders, you can shop our styles with confidence.

ucalingerie 3D image


Digital Models and Inclusive Fits

At UCA, we’ve always committed to inclusivity and celebrating every body.every  body. With the dawn of digital, we can help women of all shapes, sizes, and abilities see how our products would look on their bodies. Digital models are a great way to experience a product’s fit on various body types, and we’re already trying it out; see an example of one of our digital models wearing the Hannah set. As we develop more digital models, you can expect more diversity and potentially even more personalized options for finding your perfect fit.

Moving Forward with Digital Fashion

The future of UCA Lingerie is digital. Our mission of quality, sustainability, and inclusivity remains at the forefront as we explore new retail technologies. With digital experiences and 3D renders, our customers can shop luxury from their living room and thoroughly explore our quality construction.

As a 100% online retailer with a commitment to sustainability, our new digital experiences help us cut back on waste. Whether emissions come from travel or waste from sending samples, creating virtual experiences reduces unnecessary harm to the environment.

UCA’s mission has always been to celebrate every woman’s body. Our growing selection of digital models helps our customers see themselves in our products. No matter your shape or size, we’re creating models that will reflect how you experience our lingerie.

With retail technologies developing rapidly, UCA Lingerie is committed to bringing the benefits of the digital world to our customers. Whether you’re shopping in the virtual showroom, getting a close look at new products, or seeing yourself in our pieces, UCA Lingerie ensures you’re getting the most out of online shopping. Enjoy our new digital experiences, and stay tuned for more!

March 04, 2024 — UCA Lingerie