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One in every eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. It is the second most prevalent cancer in American women and, as of 2021, the most common type of cancer worldwide. Ladies, your breasts matter. Take charge of your breast health by making healthy lifestyle changes. Read on to learn how you can reduce your risk of breast cancer.

Reduce Your Risk with The Right Bras

The fit should always be the most important consideration when choosing the right bra. While most people think of comfort when thinking about fit, it can also reduce your risk of breast cancer. For example, while popular, wearing underwire bras every day can stress your breasts, especially if they don’t fit perfectly. While women often get used to the feeling of wearing underwire bras, they can overstimulate the breast and put pressure on reflex points. Wired styles also restrict proper drainage of the lymph nodes near the armpit.

Opting for wireless bras doesn’t mean you must retire sexy date night styles or your favorite push-ups. It just means that you reach for your wireless bras for everyday wear. Being able to choose from multiple wireless bras and bralettes helps you find the right style for any occasion.

For casual outfits, a wireless bra with a molded cup like the Hailey cotton wire-free bra still gives you an enhanced silhouette similar to what you’d find while wearing an underwire style. Combined with the soft cotton fabric, Hailey is a great choice for under your favorite tanks and tees. On date night, a sexy lace bralette is perfect for adding flirty style while keeping breast health in mind. A plunging bralette like the Pearl wireless plunge bra gives you a sexy style without wire. Pearl even offers added padding to make her an excellent choice for women who love push-up bras.


Exercise and Eat Well

One of the best ways to mitigate your risk of developing breast cancer is to live a healthy lifestyle. Eating well and regular exercise are necessary for overall health and disease prevention. Following a diet that includes plant-based foods and healthy fats helps you maintain a healthy weight, which dramatically reduces the risk of conditions like cancer and diabetes. Adult women should also get 150 minutes of low-impact cardio or strength training each week. As an alternative, 75 minutes of vigorous, high-impact cardio has similar health benefits.

Speaking of exercise - high-impact workouts require more supportive bras to keep you feeling secure and comfortable. A molded style like the Faith wireless sports bra minimizes the pressure on the chest to help you breathe comfortably during strenuous workouts. The contrast straps add a sporty look, and the bright colors will perk you up in the morning to get you out of bed and into the gym.

Studies have shown that, compared to high-impact workouts, low-impact cardio and strength training are the best means of exercise for cancer prevention. Neither requires as much support as high-impact workouts, so a breathable, wireless mesh bralette is a great choice to keep you looking good and feeling cool. With comfortable fabrics and convertible straps, the Reese wireless bra is an excellent choice for walking around your neighborhood. The custom styles that convertible straps offer work well with the cutouts and sleeveless styles that are trendy in today’s activewear.


If Possible, Choose to Breastfeed

While it can be a challenge or, for some women, an impossibility, breastfeeding your children for at least six months reduces the risk of breast cancer. How? During pregnancy and breastfeeding, the body sheds breast cells. This process can eliminate cells with abnormal DNA that leads to future breast cancer, all while strengthening your child’s immune system.

 Breastfeeding also helps to balance exposure to hormones like estrogen. Excess estrogen increases the chance of developing cancerous cells in breast tissue. Breastfeeding can even lower your risk of ovarian cancer. If you’re considering breastfeeding, but are having trouble getting started, work with your doctor and a lactation consultant to make the journey easier.

 Your bra is also important when breastfeeding. For a supportive fit that makes breastfeeding easy, UCA Lingerie’s Gianna nursing bra offers all the accessibility you need without sacrificing style. As a new mom, comfort is key, so UCA’s nursing bra is made of soft cotton and elastane blend for the perfect match of comfort and stretch. Gianna has a buckle that can be easily opened with two fingers so that you can feed your baby without hassle. The geometric lace and bold red color also keep you feeling sexy and confident postpartum.

Keep Your Breasts Healthy with Better Lingerie

While scientists are making huge strides in research and treatment, the best way to prevent breast cancer is by taking charge of your breast health.

Keep in mind; lifestyle changes are a great way to prevent breast cancer; however, they need to happen in addition to regular exams from your doctor. Screenings and mammograms are still the best way to identify and diagnose cancerous cells. Monthly self-exams can also help find issues between doctor visits.

Getting familiar and comfortable with examining your own breasts helps identify any skin changes or new lumps that need to be seen by a physician. Medical care combined with a healthy, intentional lifestyle increases your chances of preventing or even surviving a breast cancer diagnosis.

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