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When it comes to underwear, knowing your body shape and which panty styles work best for you makes all the difference. Whether you have a filled out bum or a smaller tush, there’s a choice of the best underwear for your body type. From the classic brief to something a little more risque, there are loads of panty shapes and styles to choose from. 

We want to help you find the perfect fit and panty styles to help you show off all the curves you have in all the right places. 

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There are many cuts when it comes to briefs. High-rise, hipster, and tanga briefs are the main players, and there’s a reason they’ve been popular for years. These panty styles offer full coverage of your bum, giving you a secure feel and preventing them from riding up. 

High-Rise Briefs

Perfect for rounded or apple shapes, high-rise briefs sit naturally at your waist, preventing panty lines at your hips and giving you a smooth shape. This cut may be the best underwear for these body types. 

Hipster Briefs 

There’s not too much of a difference between high-rise and hipster briefs, aside from where they sit on the body.

Hipster briefs sit right on your hip and work incredibly well with multiple shapes of bums. Panty styles like these are comfortable and keep things in place all day, whether you have a curvy bum or a flatter bum. 

Tanga Briefs 

Perfect for athletic builds and column shapes. Tanga briefs are some of the best underwear styles for this body type, because it can create the illusion of curves and give you a fuller, more comfortable fit. 

This type also works well for pear shapes, because it flatters your lower half and can add some balance to your shape. 

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One of the more comfortable panty styles,boyshorts are beloved by many for how effortlessly cute they are and how they limit panty lines! Perfect for wearing with flowy skirts and dresses, boyshorts work well on petite frames and tiny bums, as well as pear and apple shaped bodies. 


You can love ‘em or you can hate ‘em, but thongs have cemented their presence in the underwear drawers of women everywhere. They offer no coverage on your behind, so you never have to worry about panty lines. 

The best body type for thongs are hourglass shapes, especially if you purchase high-rise ones. Not only is this an incredibly sexy look, high-rise panty styles elongate your legs and can balance out your hips with the rest of your body. 

UCA Lingerie is here to help you find the best underwear for body types. We offer a variety of sustainably sourced lingerie and panties to shop from. Check out our fitting guide for more details on cuts and sizing.


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February 22, 2022 — UCA Lingerie