Wearing beautiful and sustainable lingerie should mean you’re feeling comfortable and fabulous, no matter what situation you’re in. With our collections, you can find a wide variety of pieces to choose from that are made for different occasions.

 Do you want affordable bras and panties for daytime wear? Check out our All-Day Favorites Collection. Do you want something a little more on the flirty and sexy side? You’ll love our Romance & Allure Collection. We have a variety of choices for whatever mood you’re in, so make sure you browse through them all!

UCA Lingerie

Lingerie isn’t just a frivolous thing--putting the right piece of underwear on can transform how you feel about yourself. That inner confidence can translate into an outer one and change how you interact with the world. Lingerie can be a powerful tool, and there is no better feeling than wearing high-quality, sustainable lingerie pieces underneath your outerwear. 

At UCA Lingerie, we are passionate about designing beautiful and functional pieces of women’s intimate apparel. Your underwear might be hidden, but it serves an important function in shaping your outfit and providing you with empowerment. Shop our collections of affordable bras and panties now to find the perfect pieces for you!

Sustainable & Comfortable

Lingerie has been empowering women and making them feel sexy for centuries. When you look drop dead gorgeous in your women’s intimate apparel, it’s essential that you also feel comfortable. That's why at UCA Lingerie, we’re passionate about designing and selling sustainable lingerie that is made from soft fabrics and materials. Our pieces are beautiful yet comfortable and enjoyable to wear all day long. Sustainability and comfort are some of our top priorities at UCA Lingerie. We are passionate about selling long-lasting and feel-good bras and panties!

About Us: The Women Behind the Brand

Unique, Crafted, Authentic since 1999. At UCA Lingerie, we’ve been passionate about designing and selling sustainable lingerie since 1999. Our company is rooted in the belief that underwear can transform how a person feels about themselves and that confidence can change the way you carry yourself. Our pieces are made from ethically-sourced materials and are incredibly soft for long-term, daily wear. 

Our company is 95% women-owned, and we’re proud of that fact! We know what our customers want and need from their affordable bras and panties, and we are eager to deliver it. Shop all of our intimate collections today and receive free standard shipping on all orders!