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Woman wears a sexy unlined bra, holding a bouquet of red roses.

A Mighty Whisper

The unlined underwire bra may not look like it has the supportive foundation you need, but looks can be deceiving. Constructed to be subtly supportive, UCA Lingerie brings you a collection of lightweight wonders that pack a surprising punch.

A sexy unlined bra only looks delicate. Like a lot of women, the pretty, fragile package hides a world of strength only revealed in close quarters. In truth, the unlined underwire bra is a mighty whisper built on a foundation that never fails.

Try the KAYLA for a long-line bra that keeps you comfortable from that early morning Zoom meeting to dinner out with friends. Or choose the fiery AMINA for support that sets an intimate night on fire. Whichever unlined underwire bra you choose, you’ll look and feel your best, wearing glamorous UCA Lingerie.

Woman wears a sexy unlined bra, holding a bouquet of red roses.
Woman wearing lilac unlined underwire bra and panty set, smiles in an outdoor setting.

The Mighty Women of UCA

Since 1999, UCA Lingerie has been creating finely-crafted, high-quality lingerie for all kinds of women. Sophisticated, stunning, and sustainable, our collections speak to your demand for style, comfort, and quality.

We’re an all-woman company, designing and manufacturing superior quality intimates for discerning women. Your busy life has many sectors, so we create endless variety with your multiple moods and priorities in mind.

Unique, crafted, and authentic, UCA Lingerie’s mission is to bring women consistent quality, matchless comfort, and leading-edge style. Enjoy browsing our striking collections, and discover a unique resource for women of taste at your fingertips. We’re happy to see you and hope you’ll visit often!