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two-toned lace molded cup bra

Experience the Benefits of Added Support

If you want to reshape your chest without adding volume, the molded cup bra should be your number one choice. You get all the benefits of added support without the push-up bra design that may make you feel like your chest is up by your chin. Our molded bras also look smoother under your clothing and provide more substantial coverage. While some of the bras in this selection are simply shaped to contour your chest, others provide added features, like padding and underwire. Browse the full selection to find the right combination of padded, wired bras that meet your needs.

push-up molded cup bra in black and white

Learn About Our Design Perspective

At UCA Lingerie, we’re a company of women that design for women. We strive to balance comfort and beauty to deliver undergarments that look and feel amazing. With proprietary fabric blends, top-quality manufacturing, and thoughtful design, our design style is all about you. We’ve also created a comprehensive fitting guide to help ensure you’re actually purchasing the right molded cup bra or other undergarments for your body.

Learn more about our guiding principles and our push towards sustainability when you visit our About Us page.