You are unique – from your freckle to your smile, every aspect of you comes together to create a beautiful piece of art.

We celebrate the artwork that is you.

Since 1999, UCA’s created one-of-a-kind lingerie pieces for women that desire intimate garments that adorn, flatter and support. Whether it’s a sophisticated hipster or a push-up bodysuit, UCA Lingerie has taken the authentic essence of femininity – class, grace, and sultriness and bottled it in lingerie.

Designed for Style and Comfort

As female designers, we’re well-aware of the intricacies of being a woman and breathe that into every design we create.

Our lingerie is all about experiencing the joys of femininity. UCA Lingerie celebrates how beautiful you are and encourages you to do the same.

Crafted by Women

For generations, our women-led organization has designed and manufactured the highest quality intimate wear – intersecting the boundaries of fashion and function. Our intimate lingerie is as beautiful as it is comfortable, with nearly 1700 people dedicated to researching, developing, and manufacturing superior designs.

Be Sustainably Beautiful

We offer superior fit and durability. Buying a great fitting bra that lasts doesn’t just feel better; it also keeps more of those cheap bras and panties out of a landfill. Better fit leads to less waste.

We’re also doing our part when it comes to manufacturing. All UCA Lingerie fabrics have the OEKO-TEX environment protection standard and the DETOX standard of European ecological protection.

Our Supplier Selection

For years, UCA Lingerie has supported more than two dozen boutique brands, providing high-end intimate lingerie throughout Europe and the United States. We put our hearts into our work and treat everyone in our supply chain with respect (as certified by BSCI, ICS, Sedex, Wrap, and Accord). How we create our pieces is just as important as what we create. Our bras, panties, bodysuits, and corsets aren’t just something you wear; they’re adornments for something already beautiful.

You are beautiful.

If you’ve ever needed a reminder, you’ve come to the right place.

Unique. Crafted. Authentic.