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women’s front closure bra

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The designers at UCA Lingerie understand the importance of quality materials and ultra-soft fabrics. We don’t want you spending all day in a bra that chafes, itches, and squeezes you in all the wrong places! With our proprietary blend of cotton, elastane, and other fabrics, we guarantee your undergarments, including our women’s front closure bras, will feel great against your skin in all types of weather – from sweltering heat to winter chill.

In addition to quality materials, we also insist on top-notch manufacturing! Every stitch and seam is made to stand strong against everyday wear and consistent washing. Simply follow the instructions on the tag to ensure the longevity of your favorite bras!

two-tone sexy front closure bra

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Many people believe that because other people don’t see them, bras don’t have to be pretty or stylish. We wholeheartedly disagree! Beautiful lingerie can help empower you and encourage self-confidence – even if nobody sees you wearing it. So along with our sexy front closure bras, it would only make sense that we offer matching underwear to create the perfect sets! Shop the recommended undergarments on each bra product page or mix and match styles to customize your own sets today.

Have questions about the fit of our women’s front closure bras? We offer specialized sizing advice to guarantee your comfort. Visit our bra fitting guides to learn more!