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At UCA Lingerie, we want all women to feel sexy and confident in their own bodies. That’s why we’ve designed lingerie made from sustainably-sourced materials that are super soft and comfortable. Not only do our pieces ooze sensuality, they are also enjoyable to wear all day long. That is a totally winning combination for any woman to have.

With that in mind, we wanted to create a lingerie blog that embodies all of our strongly held beliefs about female empowerment through fashion inclusivity. Our lingerie guide will cover topics relating to the fashion industry, as well as helpful information about how to style certain looks. But that’s not all--you can also find style quizzes, size quizzes, and fitting guides about finding the best bra or panties for your shape.

3 Steps for Choosing the Perfect Bra

3 Steps for Choosing the Perfect Bra

Many women are wearing the wrong-sized bra—and that's no surprise! No two pairs of breasts are the same, and there are many different styles and bra sizes. While choosing the right bra can be complicated, there are three factors to...
October 14, 2022 — ucalingerie
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How To Wash Your Lingerie Correctly | UCALingerie

How To Wash Your Lingerie Correctly | UCALingerie

Taking care of your UCA Lingerie is a big part of staying environmentally conscious about your fashion choices. Little things, such as how you wash your lingerie and the storage methods you choose, can also make a difference in how...
September 21, 2022 — ucalingerie
The Best Bras and Panties for Collegiate Success

The Best Bras and Panties for Collegiate Success

The start of a school year can cause first-day jitters, but the right bra and panties set can set that comfortable, confident mood from move-in day to graduation. Effortless everyday styles should feel so light on your skin that you...
September 16, 2022 — ucalingerie
Keep Your Breasts Healthy with Better Lingerie

Keep Your Breasts Healthy with Better Lingerie

One in every eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. It is the second most prevalent cancer in American women and, as of 2021, the most common type of cancer worldwide. Ladies, your breasts matter. Take charge of your...
September 15, 2022 — ucalingerie
Why You Should Be Wearing More Colorful Lingerie

Why You Should Be Wearing More Colorful Lingerie

Most women have their traditional lingerie staples covered. Black, white, and skin-toned bras and underwear are staples, but it’s okay to venture into color and add some fun to your underwear drawer. Underwear is a personal expression of who you...
August 01, 2022 — UCA Lingerie
Summer Style Deserves Summer Lingerie

Summer Style Deserves Summer Lingerie

Unlike winter, summer’s when you really get to show off your lingerie style because of the tendency to either wear sheer or less clothing. No matter your bra size, your choice of lingerie during this season can impact how stylish...
July 25, 2022 — UCA Lingerie
AT UCA Lingerie, We Think Sustainable Is Sexy

AT UCA Lingerie, We Think Sustainable Is Sexy

Most of the time, beautiful new clothing comes at a painful cost to the environment. Manufacturing new textile fibers requires resources, and those resources can be a drain on our environment. At UCA Lingerie, we believe fashionable lingerie shouldn't hurt...
July 19, 2022 — UCA Lingerie
A group of stars

The Perfect Lingerie for Each Zodiac Sign

Choosing the right lingerie is an intimately personal affair. Your lingerie reflects your interests and disposition, so what could be a better guide to finding the perfect intimates than your astrological sign? UCA Lingerie has consulted the stars and found...
April 29, 2022 — UCA Lingerie
A woman wearing peach lingerie lying in bed

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

When it comes to holidays, a Mother’s Day gift guide may be one of your most appreciated assets. Whether you’re shopping for a partner, parent, or friend, Mother’s Day lingerie can make a great gift. It shows how much you...
March 25, 2022 — UCA Lingerie
Two women wearing lingerie

Panty Styles for Each Body Type

When it comes to underwear, knowing your body shape and which panty styles work best for you makes all the difference. Whether you have a filled out bum or a smaller tush, there’s a choice of the best underwear for...
February 22, 2022 — UCA Lingerie
Three women wearing lingerie

Lingerie Styles for Each Body Type

With so many lingerie styles on the market, it can be difficult knowing which one works best for you. Do you go for corsets and garter belts or a sheer bodysuit? If you find yourself asking what the right lingerie...
February 15, 2022 — UCA Lingerie
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Purchasing a bra at a store

How to Match Lingerie Styles to Different Body & Breast Shapes

Everyone’s body is unique and different, so our clothing and lingerie styles should be too. At UCA Lingerie, we want you to feel comfortable and confident in any bra or underwear you choose, so it’s important to figure out what...
January 19, 2022 — UCA Lingerie

All Things Fashion & Lingerie

Our lingerie blog will be your go-to site for learning about all things body positivity and fashion forward underwear advice. You’ll find articles about the hottest trends in lingerie right now or what the best colors are for the current season. Our bra blog will grow with us as we evolve, and we’re excited to take you along for the journey!

We hope our interesting and informative articles will get you excited about wearing sexy and sustainable pieces. Lingerie looks undeniably gorgeous on everyone, but the best part about it is how confident and happy it can make you feel too! There is no better feeling than rocking a super hot intimate set and feeling like you’re on top of the world.

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