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Lingerie has represented many things throughout history, from restriction to liberation, conformity to empowerment. UCA Lingerie, a 95% women-owned brand, is leading the charge in reformulating how lingerie is perceived and worn. Their innovative approach to styling lingerie as an everyday outfit is catching the attention of fashion enthusiasts around the globe. 


A New Era of Lingerie: From Bedroom to Streetwear


madison bra


Today, bodysuits, corset tops, and wireless bralettes no longer hide beneath clothing but are designed to be seen and celebrated.

Adah Hanson, Founder and CEO of UCA Lingerie, shares her thoughts: “Today’s lingerie doesn’t have to stay in the bedroom. Women see lingerie as a fashion statement, a way to enhance their wardrobe. At UCA, we are creating pieces that are made to show off. It’s all about expressing your beauty through support and empowerment.”

The company’s philosophy is to recognize lingerie as a tool for self-expression, a way to celebrate every body type, and a means to embrace individuality.

“Modern feminists view lingerie differently,” the CEO states. “With softer fabrics and women’s comfort as the top priority, UCA’s collections are about choice, about making the decision that feels right for you, in whatever way makes you feel confident and empowered.”


Pairing Lingerie with Everyday Clothing




Pairing lingerie with everyday clothing is no longer reserved for celebrities and runway models. UCA makes it accessible and trendy. Whether it’s dressing down a bodysuit with a denim jacket or pairing a bralette with a matching power suit, these stylish and innovative products provide versatile options for every woman.

Hanson elaborates: “One of the most popular ways to wear lingerie as everyday clothing is pairing it with a layering piece. We’ve designed our collections to make this effortless and fashionable, with products meant to be a seamless part of your daily attire.”

The layering technique has allowed women from all walks of life to embrace lingerie as a fashionable outfit option. Here’s how:


Bodysuit with Denim Jacket


tina bodysuits


Bodysuits make it easy to create clean lines while wearing denim and other form-fitting pieces. UCA’s clients have paired these seamless bodysuits with casual denim jacket  for a chic and comfortable look. 


Longline Bra Tops with Trousers


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Longline bra tops provide back support, extra coverage, and comfortable shaping. Many women have successfully worn UCA’s longline bra tops with their favorite skirts or trousers for a classy and sophisticated ensemble.


Wireless Bralettes with Comfy Cardigans


lisa wireless bra


For a cozy at-home date night or loungewear, UCA’s wireless bralettes paired with comfy cardigans have become a go-to choice. This combination provides a laid-back yet stylish appearance, perfect for relaxation and a touch of romance. 


Bra tops with Matching Power Suits


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Redefining Fashion, One Piece at a Time

UCA Lingerie’s innovative approach to transforming lingerie into outfit pieces isn’t just a fleeting trend; it’s a thoughtful response to the changing dynamics of fashion and femininity.

Their journey from a simple undergarment to a fashionable statement piece reflects the broader shift in women’s relationship with their bodies and clothing. They are not merely following fashion but reshaping it, empowering women to stand out and wear the pieces they love. With UCA, lingerie is no longer confined to the bedroom, as this bold statement is one of self-expression and individuality in fashion.

September 29, 2023 — UCA Lingerie