Taking care of your UCA Lingerie is a big part of staying environmentally conscious about your fashion choices. Little things, such as how you wash your lingerie and the storage methods you choose, can also make a difference in how long your lingerie lasts.
Machine Wash - A True Wash and Go
Hook your bra together, put into a lingerie bag preferably. Simply throw your UCA Lingerie in the washing machine and keep moving. Our lingerie is machine-washable under environmentally friendly cold-water settings, so there’s no need to change your laundry routine. Simply hanging your bra and panties to dry and staying away from chlorine bleach is all you need to maintain your lingerie for years.
Hook your bra together to avoid snags in the wash.
Put your bra in a lingerie bag before washing on gentle cold cycle.
Hang to dry.
Hand Wash – or Don’t – Either is Fine
Handwashing is the best way to maintain the life of any lingerie, so it’s a good practice to have. Simply spot clean any stains with a bit of laundry detergent, soak the item in water for a couple of minutes, then swish gently. Use lukewarm water and gently squeeze out the water. Hang dry from its heaviest point (no need to stress the straps) and pat yourself on your back for getting close with your intimates.
If there is any stain, dab it with detergent and warm water.
Soak it for a few minutes, then rinse it.
Hang to dry.
Love Your Intimates, and They’ll Love You Back
Once you’ve washed and dried your intimates, how you store them can also impact how long they last. This is especially true with bras. Stack, don’t fold, bras, and ensure all clasps are closed. Remember, it’s easy to snag a lace bra while quickly searching for the perfect sports bra; however, it’s an entirely avoidable accident.
Once stacked and secured, how you arrange the bras matters. Sort your bras by type to make finding what you need easier and lower your risk of tangling bras or causing molded cup bras to lose shape.
Always place your bras in drawers. Never hang your bras long-term. Though easy, it only stresses your bra’s fabric, which you’ll regret when you could use some support.
Properly caring for your intimates is a great way to save the environment and money. Simple steps like washing in cold water and always closing bras before storing help your favorite lingerie last longer. Good lingerie care habits also help those bras and panties provide the support and comfort you love for as long as you keep them. We want you to love your lingerie longer; that’s why, whether you throw your intimates in the wash or carefully spot clean out of habit, UCA Lingerie is designed to last.