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The Right Lingerie for My Body Type

Everyone’s body is unique and different, so our clothing and lingerie styles should be too. At UCA Lingerie, we want you to feel comfortable and confident in any bra or underwear you choose, so it’s important to figure out what will fit you best. With our guidance, you can learn how to find the best matching lingerie for your body type and breast shape. Read on here for an overview from our experts.

Body Type & Shape

Basically, there are four types of female body shapes: Pear, Apple, Hourglass, and H-shape. While most people fit into one of these categories, many are some combination of the four. After reading about the characteristics of each body shape, you can figure out which one (or combination of a few) describes you and eventually find the perfect lingerie style to match.

An illustration of female body types

The pear body shape is characterized by narrower hips than shoulders.

The apple body shape has a rounder torso with a minimal waistline.

Hourglass shapes have similar-sized hips and shoulders with a smaller waist.

The H-body creates a rectangular shape from shoulders to waist to hips.

Choosing Lingerie Styles for Your Body Shape

Finding lingerie for your body type is easier than you think! Once you’ve determined which shape your body is most like, check out our recommendations below.


Since your shoulders are narrower than your hips, you want to try to create balance between the two by building out and drawing attention to your upper body. Explore push-up and padded bras to accentuate your breasts and create a slimmer clavicle line. Some of our favorite push-up bras include the pieces in the ADAH and IRIS collections.


Without a defined waist, you’re curvy all around! You can keep your curves as they are with lace bras that provide support without reshaping, or you can create a faux waistline with one of our full-coverage bras, like the Jenny or Vanessa styles. The thicker band around your ribs will pull you in slightly for a slimming effect.


Most hourglass-shaped women don’t have shoulder and hip measurements that match exactly, but they do have a pretty defined waist. Some of our favorite bra and lingerie styles that accentuate your shape include the Paisley, Amina, Larena, Nova, and Mika collections.


With such an athletic, linear frame, you have an equal distribution from top to bottom with minimal curving. You can highlight the lines of your upper body with a ¾ coverage bra, like the Aura, Irene, or Teagan styles, and create curves in your bottoms with cheeky tangas and hipsters.

The Best of All Worlds

An illustration of breast shapes

Understanding your breast shape is as important as understanding your body shape for appropriately fitting lingerie styles. Big breasts and small breasts are not the only things that may affect how a garment fits you. Find out which breast shape you have below.


Round breasts are equally full at the top and the bottom. Women with round-shaped breasts will find that nearly every style of lingerie conforms to their bodies perfectly.

Shallow Top/Full Bottom

Shallow breasts are less full on the top and very rounded at the bottom – often due to breastfeeding. We highly recommend a lingerie style with an elastic neckline and tight straps to lift the breasts up and create a rounded shape at the top, like the Teagan or Irene bras.


If your breasts are spaced far apart or your nipples tilt to the exterior of your body, you have an east/west shape. You can hold your breasts in place with plunge or bralette designs, or gather your breasts closer together with push-up and front-closure bras from the Iris or the Bille collections.


If your breasts have soft tissue at the top and your nipples point downward, your pendulous shape may make your breasts seem elongated. An underwired bra can provide extra support and shape to create a rounded look. The ADAH and IRIS collections are the ideal choices for you.


Everyone’s breasts are slightly different from one another, but yours may be more uneven than usual. Make sure your bras accommodate both breast sizes with elastic and stretch fabric lingerie styles. Avoid structured cups, underwired bras, and push-up bras!

For the majority of breast shapes, the 3/4 Coverage Bra is a great lingerie style for support and aesthetics. However, women with smaller breasts may prefer the added curve of a push-up bra, while women with larger breasts might look for added support in the Pearl style bras. Visit our fitting page for a more personalized look at which bras will fit you best.

The Right Lingerie for My Body Type

A woman wearing a bra and sweater

All breasts are natural and beautiful in different ways. Explore ways to highlight your body through lingerie styles that feel comfortable and enhance your confidence! Check out the collections at UCA Lingerie to browse all our available styles and find the one that suits you!

January 19, 2022 — UCA Lingerie