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Exploring Size Inclusivity & Body Positivity

In today’s world, many people make assumptions about women based strictly on the clothes they wear and the accessories they use. It’s time to take back what it means to express yourself with fashion, starting with lingerie.

Lingerie is an incredibly powerful tool for women of all shapes because it can teach you to love the skin you’re in. Whether it’s about size inclusivity or fashion for empowerment, lingerie can change the way you feel about yourself and the way you express your feelings to the world. Transform the purpose of lingerie when you take control of the message!

Lingerie is for You

Society might have told you that the lingerie you buy is more for your partner than for yourself. Well, it’s time to banish that idea from the social sphere. Change the purpose of lingerie when you accept the fact that it’s meant to help you feel sexy. Regardless of whether anyone else gets a sneak peek at the goodies, you can wear lingerie whenever you want to boost your confidence, improve your mood, and embrace every curve, fold, and roll.

Lingerie is about more than just sex. Why would you buy something that will end up on the floor just two minutes after you put it on? Buy and wear lingerie just for yourself and discover the change it engenders in the way you view yourself.

Accessibility for All


With the conversation around weight and body type evolving, size inclusivity is making sexy, flirty, unique lingerie styles more accessible to everyone. Nobody should feel like they can’t wear a certain bra or buy a specific bodysuit because of their size! Even better, lingerie has evolved into more than just lacy bras and panties. Styles of all types are represented, including teddies, bustiers, corsets, stockings and garters, robes, slips, and so much more. You could have a lingerie set for every day and every mood!

Explore cute, ruffled panties, sparkling gemstone bras, and geometric lace patterns on everything from stockings to nighties.

Fashion for Empowerment

With size inclusivity making lingerie more accessible and styles more versatile, no woman is stifled in expressing herself. Use lingerie to express and explore your femininity, sexiness, and power. You’re not just a single thing; you have many facets to emote. Let lingerie help you project every part of your personality 一 whether you’re feeling dreamy and romantic, sultry and seductive, or cheery and preppy.

Even more important is for you to inspire friends and family to do the same for themselves when you share your experiences.

Shop Better at UCA Lingerie

Once you change your perspective about size inclusivity and lingerie accessibility, it’s time to take it a step further. Shop brands that include sustainability and eco-friendly practices into their mission, as well. Explore recycled materials, carbon offsetting, and more with UCA Lingerie!

December 27, 2021 — UCA Lingerie