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Can’t remember how you decided to buy this item of UCA Lingerie? Maybe you were in a particular mood when you caught sight of the cross draw-string and were touched by its unique look. The last minute you packed up for the trip to Matera, Italy, you slipped this black lace vacation lingerie into the corner of the suitcase and kept thinking it must be a perfect fit for Matera. His shoulders were beside yours, strong and steady; his deep blue eyes, as fascinating as the deepest whirlpool in the ocean. You were so happy then, both of you, and your first trip together was given to Matera.

A sky view of a tower looking over an Italian city.

An ancient stone city of 8000 years’ history, Matera is not a famous destination known to people, but it remains a spectacular primitive and original style out of the bustling modern world.

A view of an Italian city surrounded by villages.

One autumn morning, Matera was surrounded by hazy fog, a mirage reflection from the sea. A veil of mystery descended on the ancient land with a surreal feeling. You were woken up by the touch of his fingers, his fingertips playing around the golden air-hole and drawstring of your black lace bustier. 

“Buongiorno.” He whispered in your ear, his newly-learnt Italian greeting, pronunciation still imperfect. He said he loved this vacation lingerie so much on your body, the classic floral lace, the length of the travel lingerie bustier. “My love,” he said, “Do you think we met three hundred years ago at Matera?”

Carved by the wind and rain for thousands of years, there is decorating relief on the natural rocks in Matera. Besides the most famous primitive cave dwellings transformed from natural caves, there are spectacular palaces with luxury marble decoration that you enjoy the most. Mottled walls of grey and white is the undiscovered air of Matera, reflecting on you, subtle and soft, where his affection was rooted.

A woman posing with black vacation lingerie on.

Busy days have been your companion when he is out of touch, out of mind. But when the movie 007: No Time To Die is on, you are back to Matera in a second. The glow of flame follows the stairs to light up the streets, reborn from the flame is the secret past. Forgive me or forget me? Matera, will you bury the heavy sadness of the past and take away the courage and hope?

A woman in travel lingerie.

Paisley, for the first time you come to realize there is a female name for each vacation lingerie and UCA lingerie collection. You still wear it sometimes, the black lace travel lingerie bustier. It is a symbol of memory that belongs to you and him, and a link to the Matera neighborhood, to the windows lit up at night giving warmth and hope.

The view of an Italian coastal city lit up at night.

Will you meet him in Matera again? In three hundred years.

December 25, 2021 — UCA Lingerie