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Over the last three years, the world has been in constant change. In these challenging times filled with new fears, economic instability, and political turmoil, the biggest constant is love and support from family and friends. This holiday season is the perfect time to reconnect with the people you love. UCA Lingerie is here to support that journey all the way into the new year.


Stay Sexy and Classy

Returning to family gatherings and parties with friends brings warm fuzzies and renews loving connections. The best way to hold onto the good feelings from special times with special people is to slide into something sexy and bring that love back to the bedroom.

UCA Lingerie’s Amanda nightgown is a fun and flirty secret for you and your significant other. Exchange glances across the Thanksgiving dinner table to build up the anticipation until you steal the show in festive, red lace. The floral design and fringe style combine classic tradition and unconventional modernity to keep the party spirit going. Unwrapping the tied halter neck creates a moment of connection for you and your partner to share before ending a night full of rekindled relationships.

Amanda nightgown

A holiday season full of love also includes loving yourself. Amanda carries on warm feelings even if you’re leaving a gathering on your own. While family and friends warm the soul, sliding into bed in a nightgown that makes you feel your best reminds you of how much you’re worth. After all—you’re the most important person to remember while building your lingerie wardrobe.


You are the Present

While giving and receiving gifts this holiday season, the biggest gift you can receive from a partner is being cherished. One way to give that love back to your partner is to amp up the romance with a little something sexy. Your lingerie wardrobe is an easy way to wrap yourself up and create those special, intimate moments with your significant other.

UCA’s Angelina bodysuit’s lace-up style makes it easy to ‘tie yourself up’ with a festive bow for your partner to untie. The feminine blush pink paired with the peekaboo metal grommets matches romantic and sexy vibes for a night full of memorable moments that neither of you will forget.

Angelina bodysuit

This year, we’ve also seen a surge of period dramas that captivate with their dramatic portrayals of high-class love and romance. These shows have helped bring back the delicate details of Regency-era fashion. Angelina’s ruffle cuffs and square neckline pair today’s sexy style with subtle reminders of the romantic sensibilities in today’s hit television shows.


Have Some Fun with your Lingerie

With late-night parties and lively festivities, the holiday season always brings fun. Create a lingerie wardrobe that matches that energy by including fun pieces that show off your personality. Choose details that are unique as you to invent unforgettable styles and add joy to special occasions.

UCA Lingerie’s Yolanda set includes a bralette and thong with movable rose petals. Full of color and personality, you get to set the mood by arranging the petals to create a different look with every wear. Choosing the petal placements within Yolanda’s sheer material makes it easy to create playful moments. For even more fun, let your partner do the arranging for you! Finish up this bedroom game by untying the pendant bow.

Yolanda set

Letting loose also means keeping things creative and comfortable. Yolanda’s convertible straps allow you to craft the perfect match for any outfit. The ultra-soft material and no-wire bralette design are so comfortable that you’ll be able to focus on your flirty fun without worrying about your outfit.


See You, Not Your Lingerie

Being your authentic self is always in style! While you reignite old friendships and reconnect with family, showing up as your confident, true self allows those crucial relationships to grow closer after being apart. With UCA Lingerie, the bra and panty set makes room for you and your holiday style to shine.

UCA’s Teagan set is the perfect start to formalwear that showcases you. The neutral color is ideal for wearing underneath the trendy, sheer fabrics dominating this holiday season’s formal style. Teagan’s bralette style and soft fabric are so comfortable that you’ll be able to focus on enjoying your company instead of adjusting your outfit. The supportive lace sides and molded cups support and accentuate your shape as they craft a flawless silhouette.

Teagan set

Even with the neutral color and supportive shape, Teagan isn’t your everyday basic. With a shimmering sparkle fabric, this bralette makes your assets effortlessly shine. The flirty triangle neckline shows off the decolletage when paired with lower cuts or sheer fabrics, while the sheer lace panty spices up the after-party.


‘Tis the Season for Red

It may be cold, but you can still turn up the heat. Bright, universally flattering reds are a classically sexy choice to wear underneath holiday styles. They help to bring the party’s festivities back to the bedroom without leaving the holiday spirit behind. Stay warm on winter nights with this bold, confident color.

UCA Lingerie’s Amina bra and panty set is the perfect choice for festive fun and red hot style. The sheer, unlined style pairs with the lace cups for a flirtatious secret underneath your holiday best. Ignite passion and indulge in sexy details after you head home from holiday parties.

Amina bra and panty set

The Amina bra and panty set also offer practical support and total comfort. The innovative criss-cross band at the front isn’t just a unique style. It helps to lift and support to create a gorgeous shape that feels secure. The matching hipster and boyshort panties allow you to choose your favorite styles or mix them up. The resilient, extra-soft lace keeps you sexy and comfortable in either option.

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October 11, 2022 — ucalingerie