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Most of the time, beautiful new clothing comes at a painful cost to the environment. Manufacturing new textile fibers requires resources, and those resources can be a drain on our environment. At UCA Lingerie, we believe fashionable lingerie shouldn't hurt the environment. That's why we craft glamour from recycled fibers. When you wear our sustainable lingerie, you'll feel guilt-free knowing your gorgeous new lingerie is made of renewable resources.

Just because underwear is essential doesn't mean it can't be beautiful.

Fancy A Polyamide Push-Up?

Polyamide fabric is an infinitely recyclable synthetic material. It's similar to polyester; however, polyamide is much more soft, durable, and stretchy. It also does not absorb oil and won't hold on to odors. That's what makes it a perfect fabric for underwear.

Polyamide encompasses a group of fabrics. The most common polyamide fabric is nylon. It was developed as an alternative to silk, making it extremely soft and flexible. You will love how your new polyamide underwear feels against your skin. It's just as comfortable as cotton fiber, yet more flexible and durable.

Recycled polyamide is incredibly easy to care for. It's wrinkle, stain, and shrink-resistant. It also has high-temperature resistance. Your underwear can be washed in a normal wash cycle and hung to dry, just like you would care for any other lingerie.

UCA Lingerie Puts the Sexy in Polyamide Fibers

The synthetic fabrics in fast fashion are made of plastic. Creating the material from scratch can be bad for the environment. It requires a lot of energy to produce and can pollute the air and water. However, it's also more versatile and affordable to create than most other fibers, which is why it is so popular.

Recycling our synthetics into polyamide fabric instead of creating more synthetics allows us to craft lingerie that offers the softness of cotton, the durability of wool, and the flexibility of elastane, all in one polymer. Best of all, it’s made sustainably!

UCA Lingerie takes advantage of all the great things about polyamide and supports the planet by using more recycled materials in our sustainable lingerie collection. You can be confident that your polyamide underwear is not only made from any crude oil and is part of a sustainable process.

UCA Lingerie uses a production system that creates a circular economy. In fact, we hold a Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certificate, speaking to our commitment to sustainable fashion. We hold our polyamide underwear to a higher standard because we demand the best for our customers.

Our GRS certificate tracks our raw material throughout every stage of the recycling process. Much like recycled wool, it is a closed-loop process. This means the lingerie from our sustainable collection can be recycled once you are done with it.

Because polyamide is not biodegradable, we ensure that everything produced can be recycled. So, don't toss one of our bras into the trash! They can go through the same recycling process and become new clothes for someone else.

Stay Sexy and Eco-Conscious

There was a time when sustainable and fashion were oxymorons. The innovation of the technology needed to create clothing fabrics made of recycled wool, rayon, cotton, or polyamide, has made it possible for women to wear clothes that are sexy and support sustainability at the same time.

Our Lily set is a great example of the beauty of this material. It's made of 40% recycled polyamide fabric, giving it the durability and sustainability you want. There's also 13% spandex, which is similar to elastane, for a little extra stretch. Together, they create a comfortable fit that comes together in sexy strength.




The Lisa set is made of 50% recycled polyamide creating comfortable, soft, stretchy underwear that is also incredibly sexy. Black lace adorns the wireless racerback bra and floral boyshort panties. The perfect blend of sustainable textiles translates to the perfect fit. You're looking good and doing good - all at once.




When you purchase from UCA Lingerie, you can be confident that the underwear you're about to wear is sustainable lingerie. Your account at UCA Lingerie is your ticket to sustainable sexy. Explore our collection, and say goodbye to wasteful fashion. 

July 19, 2022 — UCA Lingerie