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Unlike winter, summer’s when you really get to show off your lingerie style because of the tendency to either wear sheer or less clothing. No matter your bra size, your choice of lingerie during this season can impact how stylish you feel all day long.

You also need to feel comfortable - especially when temperatures make you feel like skipping clothes altogether. How do you now balance underwear that will not only flatter your curves and make you feel confident but also comfort your body? Here's how to find the best summer lingerie for all of your needs.


You’re breathing, let your skin breathe too! The weather is harsh enough on your skin - wearing itchy, tight clothes will only make you super uncomfortable. Breathable fabrics are superior at absorbing moisture and letting air flow. This is especially useful when you sweat.

Your choice of summer clothing, especially lingerie, will determine how much air your skin gets. When your skin is denied air, you will feel uncomfortable, and your skin may even break out. Breathable fabrics also stay fresher and reduce body odor.

Therefore, when shopping for summer lingerie, breathability should be your top priority. It doesn't matter how stylish and trendy a lingerie piece is, if the material doesn’t let your skin breathe, then it’s not for you. 


Say bye to drab bras and panties this summer, please. You’ve waited all year long to flaunt your body, make it worth it. That’s why style should be top on your list.

Summer is the time to explore with colors and other trendy designs. And since you’ll be showing more skin this season, anything you're wearing, from bras, slips, panties to boxer shorts, should ooze class. Be sassy, sporty or simple. Just make sure you choose what makes you comfortable and fits your personality.


It’s vacation season, which means you need to have the right lingerie in your box for every occasion and mood. Shop for lingerie with light fabrics that will not take up too much space in your luggage. Underwear with heavy or thick fabric will not only occupy too much space, it will also limit your options. (Only so much fits in a carry-on, ok?)

You should also choose bras and panties that suit your destination. Find out what will resonate with the spirit of where you’re going and stock up on lingerie that would suit the ambience.


Ready to find your next summer fling? Here's some of our hot-weather approved summer lingerie styles.

Give Your Skin Some Love

If your goal is breathability, we’ve got you covered. These pieces absorb moisture, cool your skin and help keep body odor at bay. 

Breathe, Baby, Breathe

Made from recycled polyamide lace, the Lily Lace Bralette is your skin’s best friend. It’s breathable, wireless, comfortable and has removable soft pads. The delicate lace and wide underbust band gives you better support and comes in a variety of bra sizes. You'll love its lacy detail and cleavage boosting cups. 


Eazy Breezy!

Your skin will thank you. While other lingerie leaves you cringing with discomfort, our PEARL Plunge Bra soothes your skin with a delicate floral lace overlay. The deep neckline boasts a super stylish eyelash cut combined with padded cups to give you great support and an eye-catching boost. Now, you are summer ready!


Cool Is the Word

Is there a better way to cool your skin on a hot summer afternoon than this lovely piece? We doubt it! Our MIA Wireless Bralette  takes your mind off the heat while you relax, feel sexy and enjoy your day. Whether you’re indoor or outdoor , this breathable combo will serve you just well. With a flower-shaped metal buckle in the front, detachable button and floral lace unlined, you’re set to spark romantic ideas.  Wear this piece with or without outerwear. 


Turn up the Style

Ready for some uber-stylish eye-turning bras and panties? Here's three pieces you will be proud of wearing anytime, anywhere. 

Classy and Supportive

Your search for a long sexy cropped bra with matching panties is over. This bra has a half moon padding for extra support and a single-layer lace for breathability. The delicate lace of the MADISON Long Bra gives you a luxurious and comfortable feel in both hot or cold weather. You can wear it with or without slips.


Mesmerize ‘em

For that extra confidence boost, our KAYLA Unlined Long Bra is what you need. This sexy and glamorous black bra makes you look amazing and feel ultra-confident. It features a gold pendant and fabric so soft you'll feel like royalty wearing it. Enjoy full coverage support and boss-worthy vibes.


Romantic Vibes

Ready to enchant? You’ll definitely love the Lareina set of bra and panties. The LAREINA Unlined Bra is stylish, classy and everything in between. Unlined and designed with sheer floral and eyelash lace, this bra is definitely serving French romanticism. A silver pendant adorns its middle, inspiring romance and new beginnings. 


Take These Pieces to Go

If you have a few destinations set for this summer, then you’re in luck. These three lingerie sets will help create a memorable vacation anywhere you land.

Say Hello to Natalie

What’s not to love about this glamorous set? The NATALIE Plunge Bra is not only sexy, it is breathable, delicate, comfortable and super light - perfect for travel. With large floral patterns and fishing net shoulder straps, you’re ready to look and feel sexy anywhere you go.


A Splash of Vitality

Want to feel 'alive' as you visit new and fun places this summer? You should try this vibrant watercolor 3D floral print underwear. Our MELANIE Printed Plunge Demi Bra comes with a soft and comfortable cup that offers great support. The off-white pattern lace in stripes makes the design more stylish and warm. It also comes at an affordable price.


Delicate Moments

The VANESSA T-shirt Bra is subtle, sexy, breathable and comfortable - just what you need for your travels this summer. The delicate and light padding (combined with a spacer cup) and mesh fabric promotes easy movement. It's also available in smaller cup sizes. 


When it comes to summer, UCA has got you covered. UCA Lingerie is devoted to celebrating every woman’s uniqueness and authenticity with original lingerie that flatters, supports and adorns women of various body types. Be ready all year long! Browse our site and sign up for amazing discounts. 

July 25, 2022 — UCA Lingerie